Aptos Pedestrian Lighting: Lights Off
Aptos Pedestrian Lighting: Lights Off
Aptos Pedestrian Lighting: Lights Off
Aptos Pedestrian Lighting: Lights Off
Aptos Pedestrian Lighting: Lights Off
Lighting & Security

Aptos Pedestrian Lighting

Aptos Pedestrian Lighting enhances walkways with gentle light patterns, mirroring the aesthetic of Aptos bollards, for unified outdoor design featuring DarkSky approved illumination options to minimize light pollution.


Design Versatility
Aptos Pedestrian Lighting fixtures in nominal 12' heights can be specified with one or two luminaries with Cree® LEDs in 3000K warm white and 4000K neutral white color temperatures. Apto's corrosion-resistant, powdercoated aluminum pole, luminaire head, and base come in a full range of standard and custom colors for easy tailoring to site-specific themes. Aptos Pedestrian 3000K is International DarkSky Approved.

Elegant Guidance
F+S redefines outdoor lighting with illuminated bollards, offering an ideal blend of beauty and safety for paths and walkways. Experience exceptional flexibility and performance in lighting that elevates any outdoor space.

DarkSky Approved
Our DarkSky approved lighting products utilize 3000K LEDs and are designed to minimize blue light output that is known to contribute to light pollution. Each fixture has received the International DarkSky Association Fixture Seal of Approval, which provides objective, third-party certification for lighting that minimizes glare and reduces light trespass into the night sky.

Product Family
Aptos bollards unite the best of two worlds with solar-powered and hardwired designs. Coordinating hardwired pedestrian lighting fixtures with single or double luminaires on a slim 12' pole add to the family’s beautiful functionality and make it easy to satisfy different lighting needs across a property.

Aptos Pedestrian Lighting

Transcendent. By Design.

Aptos Pedestrian Lighting merges elegant design with functional illumination, complementing walkways with soft light patterns akin to Aptos bollards. Featuring DarkSky approved options, it ensures minimal light pollution for a harmonious outdoor ambiance.


Aptos Pedestrian Lighting: Single luminaire configuration. Argento Texture powdercoat.
Aptos Pedestrian Lighting: Single luminaire configuration. Black Texture powdercoat.


Single Illuminaire
Overall Width
34.2 "
Overall Depth
19.2 "
Overall Height
142 "
88 lbs.
Color Temperature
Aptos Pedestrian LightingAptos Pedestrian Lighting
Aptos Pedestrian Lighting

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Product Data Sheet
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CSI Specification
Powdercoat Product Data Sheet
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