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Axis Litter & Recycling Receptacle

Product Overview

Axis is a versatile, modular design that can be converted on-site from single- to dual-stream configurations to meet evolving waste collection needs.

  • Stainless steel outer walls with three stainless steel finish options
  • Accent panels with optional perforation patterns
  • Two hinged side-access doors for easy servicing
  • Lid graphics indicate litter, compost, landfill, bottles & cans, and/or paper
  • Lid and base are powdercoated cast aluminum
  • Fire-rated polyethylene liner; 32 gallon total capacity
  • Single units can be connected to create dual-stream configurations and vice versa
  • Freestanding or surface mount
  • High recycled content; fully recyclable


Axis Litter & Recycling Receptacle Projects

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