Capitol Bike Rack: Lagoon Texture
Capitol Bike Rack: Lagoon Texture
Capitol Bike Rack: Lagoon Texture
Capitol Bike Rack: Lagoon Texture
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Capitol Bike Rack

Designed for durability and space efficiency, the Capitol Bike Rack's cast aluminum construction ensures it withstands continuous use. Perfect for modern cityscapes, it adapts to various surroundings.

  • Lagoon Texture
  • Black Texture
  • Cool Grey Texture
Lagoon Texture


Design Versatility
Capitol Bike Rack's simple, space-saving design allows it to engage with its surrounding environment as much or as little as desired. Surface mount only.

Locking & Security
All F+S bike racks are engineered with tamper-resistant mounting techniques and provide high security that is pleasing to the eye. The Capitol Bike Rack accommodates a standard U-lock.

Durable Finishes
Solid cast, corrosion-resistant powdercoated aluminum comes in a full range of standard and custom colors for easy tailoring to site-specific themes.

Outdoor Performance
“Sustainability through Durability” is the mantra that guides the development of all F+S products. We believe the best way to eliminate landfills and reduce our carbon footprint is to create products you never want to throw away. Everything we produce is carefully crafted to not only endure the elements, but to transcend temporary style trends.

Capitol Bike Rack

Seamless. By Design.

The Capitol Bike Rack embodies seamless integration into urban landscapes with its durable cast aluminum structure and space-efficient design. Tailored for modern settings, it offers high security and adapts effortlessly to various surroundings, ensuring a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Capitol Bike Racks: Black Texture powdercoat.
Capitol Bike Racks: Black Texture powdercoat.


Overall Length
5 "
Overall Depth
4 "
Overall Height
34 "
25 lbs.
Capitol Bike Rack
Capitol Bike Rack

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CSI Specification
Powdercoat Product Data Sheet
Outdoor Product Care & Maintenance

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