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LightPlane Panels

LightPlane Panels are edge-lit LED panels that allow you to seamlessly illuminate walls, columns, elevator interiors, and more. This innovative product combines our cutting-edge lighting technology, precisely engineered framing system, and highly customizable VividGlass laminated glass.


Panel Aesthetics
LightPlane Panels consist of an extruded aluminum frame, LED lighting, and VividGlass laminated glass inset. With a remarkably thin profile and a minimal bezel, LightPlane Panels have a sleek appearance that lets your design shine through.

VividGlass offers tremendous creative freedom. Comprised of a decorative interlayer laminated between lites of glass, VividGlass gives you numerous ways to customize the interlayers using colors, patterns, and graphics. Impactful on its own, VividGlass comes alive with LightPlane’s illumination.

Edge-Lit Illumination
LightPlane Panels offer uniform light output, energy efficiency, and the unparalleled performance of Cree® LEDs. Each panel is manufactured with a size-specific algorithm to ensure the look of even, natural light and eliminate hot spots, haloes, or dark areas.

LightPlane Panels can be used on their own to create eye-catching illuminated displays or seamlessly integrated into our LEVELe Wall Panel, Column and Elevator Interior Systems.

Complete Packages
LightPlane Panels represent a complete system and come with everything needed for cost-efficient installation. Standard components include preassembled LightPlane Panels with electrical lead, power box, and mounting system.

LightPlane Panels

Illuminating. By Design.

LightPlane Panels offer exciting possibilities for bringing illuminated graphics, colors, logos, wayfinding elements, and custom imagery into your designs. Featuring VividGlass, they’re a beautiful choice for walls, columns, elevator interiors, and standalone panels and displays.


Glass Inset
Acrylic Diffuser
Aluminum Backer
LED Strip
Panel Frame
Electrical Lead
LightPlane Panels


LightPlane Panels: ViviChrome glass, White color interlayer, Opalex finish. Shown in LEVELe Wall Panel System.
LightPlane Panels: ViviSpectra Spectrum glass, custom image interlayer, Standard finish.
LightPlane Panels

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