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Augmented Reality: Picture the Possibilities

Go beyond static photos with our Augmented Reality app. Quickly view realistic models of our products, share your vision and make decisions—anytime, anywhere.

View Dynamic 3D Models With Augmented Reality
Our Augmented Reality app pairs the use of a printed tracking marker with the camera on your smart phone or tablet to generate realistic 3D models you can view from any angle, in any setting.
Easy. Informative. Fun
Augmented Reality is a great way to work through ideas and make decisions on the spot. From within the app you can visualize different products. Move them around. Choose colors and configurations. And find just the right look to transform your project. 
Augmented Reality is also efficient. Different tracking markers produce product models of different sizes. Small-scale models let you explore ideas from the convenience of your desk. Full-scale models let you work life-size, and can help reduce the time and hassle of bringing full-size product samples to your office or job site.
Finally, Augmented Reality helps minimizes guesswork and simplify communications. Use real-time visualization to show on-site colleagues and clients how products would look in a space. And, eliminate geographic boundaries: take photos of your visualizations and text or email them for review with remote decision-makers.
Augmented Reality is easy, informative and fun. Try it for yourself: download the Forms+Surfaces app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, then head to our website for tracking markers: