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Design Options for Bevel Expand

Bevel is an elegant side-opening litter receptacle with a sleek UHPC profile. Now, new design and material options build on that foundation and make Bevel more versatile than ever.

Available in a 22-gallon, single-stream configuration, Bevel Litter Receptacle bodies are cast of TENSL Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), a material known for its exceptional strength and durability. TENSL UHPC allows for beautifully thin castings that are relatively light in weight yet able to withstand the most demanding outdoor environments. This aspect of Bevel’s design hasn’t changed.


What has changed are the expanded design and material options available for receptacle doors and backs.
Doors and backs now offer a choice of powdercoated stainless steel or FSC 100% Cumaru hardwood slats—both options that can align with other materials and finishes used on a project. Powdercoated stainless steel doors and backs can be specified with or without perforations; they can also be customized with site-specific graphics. 

Receptacles with FSC 100% Cumaru hardwood slats are great choice when bringing the warmth of wood to a setting is desired. The wood has a natural oiled finish that enhances its rich color.


The hardwood slats are mirrored on the receptacle door and back – a feature that ensures beautiful viewing from every angle.


Keeping with Bevel’s clean detailing, receptacles with hardwood slats can incorporate optional waste stream graphics in an elegant way that doesn’t detract from the overall design.


When wood isn’t the desired look, Bevel receptacles can be specified with powdercoated stainless steel doors and backs. Finish options include standard F+S powdercoat colors and a wide range of custom colors.


Powdercoated stainless steel doors and backs can accommodate the full range of optional waste stream graphics. Graphics can be applied to one or both (door + back) surfaces. 


For further visual variation, perforations are also an option for powdercoated stainless steel doors and backs.


The same palette of powdercoat colors and waste stream graphics applies.


Regardless of door/back material, waste stream graphics can be tailored per receptacle. Graphics incorporate color, symbols, and text that indicate the receptacle’s intended use: for example, litter, recycling, compost, landfill, or bottles & cans. Standard background colors are Green, Blue and Black. All lettering and symbols are White.


Finally, inviting more ways to configure Bevel to site-specific branding or wayfinding themes, powdercoated stainless steel doors and backs can incorporate custom graphics. Options include laser-cut designs with stainless steel backers and/or vinyl graphics.


In any configuration, the Bevel Litter Receptacle is a versatile, durable, beautifully detailed match for corporate campuses, universities, city parks, mixed-use spaces, and public settings of all kinds.


For a closer look at Bevel, visit the Bevel Litter Receptacle product page or Bevel Family page.
To learn more about all F+S products that incorporate TENSL Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), the TENSL Collection page is a great place to start.