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A Designer’s Dream in Abalone and Cream

Through our VividGlass line, we recently introduced ViviStone – a revolutionary architectural glass that unites the beauty of stone with the convenience of glass. We launched the collection with our beautiful Honey Onyx, available in a number of slab variations. Now, we’re happy to announce our two newest additions: Abalone Onyx and Cream Onyx.

Abalone Onyx is a gorgeous stone featuring green and amber crystalline formations divided by thin ripples of white and dark grey. Because it has large expanses with subtle shifts in color, as well as areas of intricate detail, the look of Abalone Onyx can vary greatly depending on the slab selected.

Abalone Onyx is offered in nine master slab options in 50” X 100” sizes, but smaller sections can be specified if desired.

Use Abalone Onyx anywhere you want to make an impact.

Cream Onyx is perhaps the most neutral stone in our group, featuring calming analogous hues with an occasional distinctive pop of burnt red. The stone offers both fine detail and large scale circular movement. Petite crystals expand outward pushing amber and white to the surface in thin, scalloped ranks, and result in large swirls of soft pastels that radiate a gentle glow. Image

Because Cream Onyx is a combination of a neutral color palette and a large scale pattern, it has a very versatile appeal and can be used anywhere from healthcare to hospitality to corporate settings. Additionally, because the grain patterning is so large, many different designs can be created by cropping the slabs and creating different arrangements.

Cream Onyx is available in 12 master slab options in dimensions of 60” x 90”. Again, smaller sections can be specified.

All three stones – Honey Onyx, Abalone Onyx, and Cream Onyx - can be accessed through our ViviStone Virtual Quarry. This sophisticated online tool lets you select from our full range of slabs and size and configure your ViviStone designs to meet project-specific needs. The Virtual Quarry is fast, free and a great way to bring your ViviStone projects to life.

ViviStone can be used in many applications such as in elevator interiors, as Silhouette Railing infill, in LEVELe Wall Systems, as well as in room dividers, partitions, backlit configurations and custom projects.  ViviStone is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

For additional information, please refer to the product support materials below, or contact us.