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Diamond Finish: Now Available for Fused Metal

In July of last year, we launched Diamond – our newest High-Durability (HD) finish for stainless steel. Diamond features multi-directional lines and faceted shapes that create a dense matrix which has been tested and proven to hide scratches and scuffs from virtually any angle.

The reception to Diamond in stainless steel has been so positive that we recently expanded it to Fused Metal, our exclusive line of colored stainless steel that combines the durability of stainless with a rich palette of colors and finishes.

Diamond is now available as a standard option in all four Fused Metal colors: Fused Bronze, Fused Graphite, Fused Nickel Silver and Fused White Gold. Diamond can be specified in any of the F+S Systems and Doors that incorporate Fused Metal.

In addition, Diamond is also now offered for our Orbit and Universal Litter & Recycling Receptacles in Fused Bronze and Fused Nickel Silver.

This subtle, modern finish is ideal for universities, hospitals, and other high-traffic settings. Diamond, like all of our HD finishes, is manufactured in a process that creates work-hardened surfaces with enhanced resistance to abrasion and wear.

When the Diamond finish in Fused Metal debuted at our NeoCon Pop-Up Showroom in June, visitors were encouraged to scratch samples with their car keys to prove just how durable and scratch-proof it is. To see for yourself just how beautiful ‘tough’ can be, simply contact your local territory manager.

To learn more about Diamond finish, visit our website or contact us.

Fused Bronze with Diamond finish
Fused Graphite with Diamond finish
Fused Nickel Silver with Diamond finish
Fused White Gold with Diamond finish