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Discover the Beauty of Zoom!

It’s now easier than ever to bring nature’s beauty to large-scale glass applications with our new Zoom Digital Darkroom and super-high-resolution Zoom images.


The Zoom program builds on the photographic capabilities of our ViviSpectra Zoom glass, offers incomparable customization potential, and gives you endless ways to transform public spaces with stunning high-resolution photography of the world around us. Add our Systems products to the mix, and the possibilities are astounding.

Zoom Digital Darkroom from Forms+Surfaces on Vimeo.

Zoom Images

Zoom images are large-scale, super-high-resolution photographs created using sophisticated gigapixel image capturing equipment. These images serve as interlayers for our ViviSpectra Zoom laminated glass.

Unlike custom and stock photography, which is often too small for large-scale glass applications, Zoom images have the size and resolution to remain in focus at extremely large sizes. Because of this, the creative possibilities are immense—you can select specific areas within a full-size photo, use an image at its literal scale, or zoom in to discover art within the bigger picture.

Zoom images are an ideal solution when you don’t have, or can’t use, your own photography in a design. Our growing Zoom Image Library offers plenty of scenic options—from sweeping panoramic vistas to intriguing close-ups of nature as you’ve never seen it before.

Zoom Digital Darkroom

Part interactive design studio, part curated photo library, the Zoom Digital Darkroom gives you access to our Zoom image library and provides the tools you need to create unique Zoom designs. You can freely browse the library without registering. However, you’ll need to register and log in to unlock the full functionality of this remarkable design tool.

Once logged in, from within the app, you can select Zoom images, choose areas of your photo to work with, and use the design tools to produce a truly personalized view from a single Zoom image. The Zoom Digital Darkroom allows you to explore ideas, configure designs, save and download your work, and request budget pricing – all without leaving this intuitive, easy-to-use application.

In addition to its creative features, the Zoom Digital Darkroom houses helpful Zoom tips, links to the F+S Systems designed to incorporate ViviSpectra Zoom glass, and links to our full suite of interactive design tools.

You’re sure to discover a world of possibilities with Zoom. Contact us if you’d like additional information. Or simply Zoom in today!