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Dynamic Duo: New Duo Tables & Table Ensembles

Duo Tables & Table Ensembles, like the Duo Bench that inspired their design, are a harmonious display of yin and yang as wood and metal intersect to form a table that transcends its parts.

Fitting for a wide range of gathering scenarios, Duo Tables are available in standard and bar-height designs.

A waterfall edge that cascades to the ground, bias-cut slats, and the unique balance of materials and proportions create Duo’s distinctive look.

Duo Tables are solidly built on stainless steel frames with a polished or powdercoat finish. Table tops and one end feature FSC 100% Cumaru hardwood or domestically sourced FSC® Mix Credit Thermally Modified Red Oak. The other end is open and highlights the table’s clean lines. 

Duo Table Ensembles pair the standard-height Duo Table with two coordinating benches. Benches have open ends and are available in the same wood and finish options as the tables.

An ADA-compliant variation incorporates one shorter bench to permit unhindered wheelchair access to the table and expand the family’s reach.

For seating people around Duo Bar Tables, our Avivo Bar Stools are a perfect fit.

Standard-height Duo Tables are 92"l x 40"d x 30"h. Bar-height models are 92"l x 30"d x 41"h. Both can be specified with or without a center hole in the table top to receive an umbrella pole.

Coordinating Table Ensemble benches are nominal 71"l x 18"d x 17"h; ADA-compliant benches are 48” long.

Rounding out the family: standalone six-foot Duo Benches feature the same balance of wood and metal as the tables and come in the same range of materials and finishes.

Duo Tables & Table Ensembles are at home in many environments. With their clean lines and understated elegance, they’re a natural fit for rooftop decks, resorts and hotels, museums, corporate campuses, universities, medical centers, and virtually any place that invites people to gather. 

To see what the dynamic Duo Family can bring to your projects, head to Duo Family page on our website.

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