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Flight Bench Spreads Its Wings

New design and material options expand Flight’s reach while maintaining the streamlined silhouette and graceful curves of the original Flight line.

Flight initially launched as a backless bench in 6- and 8-foot lengths, with powdercoated aluminum frames and a choice of seat materials: TENSL Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) or FSC® 100% Cumaru hardwood slats.


Now, in addition to the original line-up, options include backed configurations, powdercoated aluminum slats, and armrests.


Backed configurations are available for benches with slats of FSC® 100% Cumaru hardwood or powdercoated aluminum. Backs for both 6- and 8-foot benches are 6 feet long, with the backs of 8-foot benches inset from the bench ends.


The simultaneous launch of extruded aluminum slats brings a new material option to the line.


Aluminum slats can be specified for backed and backless benches in our full range of standard and custom powdercoat colors, in the same or a different color as the powdercoated bench frame. The slats have a lightly grooved surface for visual interest and a non-slip feel.


Armrests are also now an option for Flight benches, regardless of seat material. Armrests are aluminum with a powdercoat finish that matches the bench frame.


Rounding out Flight’s material choices: backless benches in 6- and 8-foot lengths with seats of TENSL Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC). TENSL UHPC seats keep a low profile and feature a dimensional surface that enhances the bench’s appearance and routes water through drain holes in the seat.


Backed or backless. Wood, aluminum or TENSL UHPC. Standard and custom powdercoat colors. Whichever options you choose, Flight’s elegant form is at home in many settings, from modern architectural spaces to traditional park-like environments.


By expanding the reach of this already versatile line, there are now more ways than ever to bring Flight’s refined aesthetics to projects indoors and out.


To see how Flight can help you spread your creative wings, visit the Flight Bench product page