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Flight Benches Soar into the F+S Product Line

The Flight Bench brings a sleek new aesthetic to the F+S seating portfolio. Shaped by minimalist modern lines and graceful curves, Flight might seem like a simple bench design. In a way, it is. But look past its streamlined silhouette and you’ll see so much more.

Flight blends a light airy feel with the strength and durability of all F+S products. Frames are powdercoated aluminum in a full range of standard and custom colors. Seats are available in a choice of sustainably sourced low-maintenance materials: FSC® 100% Cumaru hardwood slats or TENSL Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC).


TENSL UHPC seats keep a low profile but are anything but a plain flat slab. Precise detailing creates a dimensional surface that enhances the bench’s appearance and routes water through drain holes in the TENSL seat.


FSC® 100% Cumaru hardwood seat slats have a natural oiled finish and bring the warmth of wood to Flight’s crisp aesthetic.


Flight’s beauty doesn’t stop with its refined good looks. It’s a highly versatile bench.


First, its elegant form is at home in many settings, from modern architectural spaces to traditional park-like environments. Two lengths, 6 and 8 feet, support a wide range of seating layouts.


In addition, the ability to choose different seat materials, and combine them with different powdercoat colors in different ways, makes it easy to tailor Flight benches to site-specific design and material themes.


Finally, Flight coordinates beautifully with other F+S products. For example: Flight benches with wood seats might be used with Apex Receptacles and/or Avivo Tables (with Avivo Chairs, of course) to carry the rich tones of FSC® 100% Cumaru hardwood across product arenas.


The Flight Bench was developed in collaboration with OJB Landscape Architecture, a story we’ll highlight in the months ahead.


For now, visit the Flight Bench product page to see where Flight can take you.