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Helio M30/K4 Security Bollards: Protection Can be Beautiful

Simply elegant in stainless steel, Helio M30/K4 Security Bollards offer robust protection for public spaces of all kinds and expand our Helio line.

This introduction represents a notable advancement in the F+S security bollard program—and beautiful new options for projects requiring security bollards with Helio’s M30-P1/K4 impact rating.

Helio M30/K4 Security Bollards have a tubular stainless steel column, frosted acrylic lens, and stainless steel head cap. They can be specified for 180° or 360° light distribution and with Cree® LEDs in 3000K warm white or 4000K neutral white. They’re also designed to provide downward-facing light to help minimize light pollution and glare. Non-illuminated variations are a natural companion to their brighter counterparts.


Helio M30/K4 Security Bollards have an embedded security core and M30-P1/K4 impact rating. The M30/K4 designation indicates that the fixtures meet specific impact requirements as determined through third-party testing and analysis (learn more on our website on the Helio M30/K4 Security Bollards product page). 


The -P1 aspect indicates that, when impact occurs (i.e., a vehicle hits the bollards), the vehicle will be stopped within 1 meter—space that can help save the property (and people) being protected.


As functional as they are beautiful, Helio M30/K4 Security Bollards are designed to protect as intended, and look good while doing it. Whether used in a streetscape, park, or surrounding a building exterior, Helio’s sleek aesthetics are an attractive match for today’s security-conscious settings.


In addition, site integration is easy: Helio’s minimalist form can stand out or blend into a wide array of spaces, and its elegant profile has equal appeal in daylight and nighttime conditions.


For expanded performance, coordinating 6" diameter Helio Bollards in illuminated, non-illuminated and security core variations are also available. The 6” diameter Bollards have the same clean stainless steel aesthetics as the M30/K4 Security Bollards. Both styles are 40” high for easy coordination across a project.


On their own or together, Helio M30/K4 Security Bollards and Helio Bollards offer comprehensive protection and diverse illumination options for our increasingly safety-conscious world.


To learn more about Helio’s protective potential, visit the Helio M30/K4 Security Bollard and Helio Bollard product pages on our website.