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Introducing Silk: Our New High-Durability Finish for Stainless Steel

Bringing a sophisticated finish to stainless steel, Silk is a durable work-hardened surface that’s exceptionally resistant to abrasion and wear.

A Little Background

Stainless steel is the basis for many F+S architectural products. It’s a material that aligns with our contemporary aesthetic, and one we love for its superior performance, easy maintainability, long life cycle, and high recycled content and recyclability.

It’s also a material that affords numerous surface treatment options—including intrinsic finishes that are integral to the material, not applied finishes or coatings. In the context of stainless steel, intrinsic finishes have several benefits: they allow retention of the stainless aesthetic; add visual interest; don’t wear off; and are non-toxic.

The High-Durability Angle

High-Durability (HD) finishes bring a uniquely F+S twist to the intrinsic equation. Part of our line-up for years, we’re now thrilled to announce the launch of Silk, our newest High-Durability finish.

Like all of our High-Durability finishes, Silk is manufactured in a process that creates an extremely durable work-hardened surface that’s ideal for high-traffic spaces and applications that require exceptional resistance to abrasion and wear.

Smooth as Silk (almost)…

A magnified view of Silk reveals a grid of tiny, diagonally aligned squares that form a “weave” of nearly imperceptible high points and low points. At a normal viewing distance, Silk has a soft, textile-like appearance with no definitive repeat. Its tactile qualities are reminiscent of raw silk—smooth, with just a hint of a texture; not shiny or slick.

Silk joins our four other HD finishes – Sandstone, Seastone, Linen and Diamond – each with its own visual characteristics – and expands the visual reach of our palette of stainless steel finishes.

Silk also reflects our commitment to seeking out new materials and finishes and bringing you new ways to meet a wide range of aesthetic and performance goals.

The Silk HD finish is available with or without any of our standard stainless steel patterns, and with or without our protective Ceramiloc treatment – an option that significantly increases Silk’s fingerprint resistance with no significant visual difference.

Stainless steel with the Silk HD finish can be incorporated across our Systems products, including our wall cladding and column systems, elevator interiors and doors, and passage and entry doors. It can also be specified as sheet goods in sizes up to 48" x 120" (1219mm x 3048mm).

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