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Lounge Chairs Expand our Linia Family Line-up

The newest addition to our growing Linia Family brings a contemporary stainless steel vibe to casual seating and gathering spaces.

Linia chairs and tables are deceptively simple designs that invite easy customization and offer the exceptional performance of stainless steel, all at a budget-friendly price point. Blending high-quality materials and finishes with solid construction and thoughtful detailing, Linia is a highly adaptable group that’s at home indoors and out.

The Linia Family originally launched with café chairs & side tables. 


Now, lounge chairs carry the family’s aesthetic and reach into a broader range of seating scenarios. 


The Linia Lounge Chair is wider, deeper, and has a more relaxed profile than the narrower, upright café chair. Whereas the Linia Café Chair is designed for pairing with café tables, the lounge chair favors casual seating arrangements and informal gathering spaces: around fire pits, on rooftop decks, in lobbies and entry areas. Coordinating Linia Side Tables offer a place to set drinks and other small items.


Configurability is key to Linia’s go-anywhere appeal. 


Chair and table frames are electropolished stainless steel and can be specified with or without a powdercoat finish. Chair seats and backs and table tops are powdercoated stainless steel; powdercoat colors can match or contrast with the chair and table frames.


For added variation, Linia chair seats and table tops are available with optional perforation patterns.


The standard pattern is Sweep—a playful arrangement that invites dynamic shadow play as light conditions shift. Custom perforations are also an option for projects wanting to bring logos, branding or site-specific themes to their seating arrangements.


From a materials standpoint, Linia’s electropolished stainless steel chair and table frames offer significant long-term advantages including enduring beauty and increased resistance to weather, handling, and day-to-day wear and tear.


Compared to chrome-plated steel, a commonly used, less expensive look-alike, the differences are quickly apparent, especially when considered for products going into high-traffic public spaces, outdoor settings, marine environments, and/or adverse weather conditions.
To help illustrate the differences, F+S worked with a material testing lab to perform salt spray tests on electropolished stainless steel (shown at left in the photo) and chrome-plated steel (shown at right). After 500 hours, the results speak for themselves:


Stackability adds to the performance beauty of Linia Café and Lounge Chairs. Both can be stacked, generally to 4-high, for efficient storage. Nylon bumpers on seat undersides provide protection between chairs. 


Easily configured per project, Linia’s versatility makes it a match for a wide range of settings: corporate and college campuses, mixed-use spaces, hospitality and retail venues, and other social hubs that invite people to gather.


To learn more about Linia Lounge Chairs, Café Chairs and Side Tables, and Electropolished Stainless Steel, visit the Linia product page.

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