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Quadra Family Continues to Grow

Quadra is a minimalist modular family comprised of seats, tables and planters. Already available with 17" and 48" module sizes, a new 72" module expands the line’s versatility and gives you more ways than ever to take your seating layouts in creative new directions.

Constructed of TENSL Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), an exceptionally durable material, Quadra modules in all three sizes can be used in multiple orientations and combined and configured in numerous ways.


Module orientation is key to Quadra’s adaptable format.


For use as seats and tables, modules can be specified with the aperture in the casting facing front to back. This orientation allows for an airiness that lightens the look of the TENSL forms—a benefit especially when units are installed end-to-end. It’s also a great way to incorporate robust UHPC seating while taking up less visual space.


Modules can also be specified with the aperture oriented top to bottom, an option that makes customization easy using a variety of inset materials: FSC® Recycled reclaimed Teak, powdercoated aluminum, TENSL UHPC, or planter liners. This configuration has a solid appearance—most notable when modules are used in end-to-end runs—and is ideal for dividing space, guiding the flow of pedestrian traffic, or defining seating areas.


Wood insets have slats of FSC® Recycled reclaimed Teak with a natural oiled finish.


Aluminum insets have a powdercoat finish and come in a wide range of standard and custom colors.


TENSL UHPC insets are available with or without a Bias surface pattern. 


Planter liners can be specified with or without drain holes. Note that 72" Quadra modules incorporate a 17" planter inset to allow ample seating space.


The diverse inset options have the added advantage of taking the line beyond a strictly concrete aesthetic with materials that introduce different textures and pops of color and/or bring foliage to seating arrangements.


Quadra modules are sized for integrated combinations. With this launch, options include 17"L x 17"D x 18"H, 48"L x 17"D x 18"H, and 72"L x 17"D x 18"H. Modules can be used on their own, butted up against each other, or grouped together in any number of ways to create site-specific layouts.


Minimalist. Modular. Adaptable. Quadra offers a cohesive form language for creating seats, tables and planters. Think of the line as building blocks for creating pedestrian-friendly circulation paths, connection corridors, meeting areas, and other gathering spaces. 

To see how Quadra can shape your next project, visit the Quadra product page.

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