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Rincon Pedestrian Lighting: Now With Directional Shields

Rincon Pedestrian Lighting is now more versatile than ever thanks to the addition of light directing shields as a standard option.

Shaped by a crisp square profile, stainless steel construction, and the unparalleled performance of Cree® LEDs, the fixture initially launched without directional shields – though their future rollout was always part of our plan.

Now, their addition to the line means that designers who want to bring Rincon’s minimalist aesthetic into their projects have numerous standard options for meeting site-specific light direction requirements.

The new directional shields are perforated stainless steel with a Satin finish. They can be specified for one, two, three, or all four sides of the fixture.

Four perforation designs are standard – Huron, Willow, Vertical and Horizontal – the same as available for our Rincon Bollard. The different designs easily suit different project aesthetics.

Custom shield designs are also an option and can be a great way to incorporate branding, wayfinding or regional elements.

Finally, rounding out the picture: Rincon Pedestrian Lighting is still available without directional shields, for full 360° illumination.

With its clean lines and contemporary style, Rincon Pedestrian Lighting is ideal for a wide range of settings, including corporate and university campuses, healthcare facilities, city centers, libraries, museums, parks, and other public spaces.

In addition to the Pedestrian fixture, the Rincon line includes coordinating Rincon Bollards with or without directional shields, and Rincon Pathway Bollards. Together, the three make it easy to carry the Rincon aesthetic across a project while meeting different lighting requirements.

For full product details visit the Rincon Pedestrian Lighting page on our website.

Rincon Pedestrian Lighting with Horizontal shield
Rincon Pedestrian Lighting with Vertical shield
Rincon Pedestrian Lighting with Huron shield
Rincon Pedestrian Lighting with Willow shield