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Solar-Powered Aptos Bollards Light Up the F+S Mix

Aptos Bollards unite the best of two worlds with solar-powered and hardwired designs that make it easy to carry a unified look and high-performance LED illumination across a property.

Aptos is a contemporary design with a slim, elegant profile. Clean lines and subtle curves soften its graceful form. Day or night, Aptos complements a wide range of settings and architectural styles while weathering the demands of outdoor spaces with ease.


Aptos Bollards are corrosion-resistant cast aluminum with a durable powdercoat finish. Fixtures are 36.5" high x 6" diameter and available with CREE® LEDs in 3000K warm white or 4000K neutral white. A choice of 120° and 360° light distribution options suits project-specific needs. Lenses are frosted acrylic.


Solar-powered or hardwired, Aptos is a smart solution on many levels.


Aptos solar-powered bollards are self-contained, meaning that all componentry is contained within the fixture itself. This minimizes visual clutter and contributes to the bollard’s sleek appearance. It also means that as a single, self-contained unit, everything’s ready to go: there’s no need to assemble complex solar lighting systems comprised of separate solar arrays, battery enclosures and light fixtures.


Aptos solar-powered bollards predictively adapt to their surroundings. Featuring a self-learning solar lighting controller (SLC) with intelligent day/night detection, fixtures go on at dusk, off at dawn, providing reliable light output when it’s needed, without ongoing manual reprogramming.


All solar components are designed for long-term performance and include an integrated LED driver, lithium ion phosphate battery, and high-efficiency monocrystalline cells encapsulated in high-impact, UV-resistant polyurethane.


Finally, with the solar option, because there’s no wiring to contend with, there are also no associated installation labor time and costs, and no on-site disruption of trenching for electrical wires. In addition, solar-powered bollards have no ongoing electrical costs and are immune from power outages.


For applications where solar isn’t appropriate, hardwired Aptos bollards have the same elegant, uncluttered design and efficient LED performance as their solar-powered counterparts. The hardwired variation is ideal for settings where access to wired power already exists or site conditions don’t allow for a solar-powered bollard—for example, under dense tree cover or on the shady side of a building.


Elegant. Durable. Enduring. Solar or hardwired, Aptos Bollards offer quick, cost-efficient installation, minimal day-to-day maintenance, and a beautifully sustainable, reliable source of LED illumination.

To see how Aptos can brighten your world, visit the Aptos Bollard product page.