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TENSL Ultra High Performance Concrete

Introducing the newest addition to our materials palette, TENSL Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC).

What is UHPC?

UHPC, or Ultra High Performance Concrete, is a class of concrete known for its exceptional strength and durability. Structurally more comparable to steel than traditional concrete, it can be cast into beautifully thin profiles that give you the look of concrete, without the visual weight.

Additionally, because UHPC does not contain the capillary pores of traditional precast or glass-reinforced concrete, it does not absorb water. This ensures the lasting beauty of the refined surface in harsh freeze-thaw or marine conditions.

The TENSL Collection

This exciting new material option expands our line with the TENSL Collection of Outdoor Products, giving you more choices for matching your project-specific needs and design themes.

Want to see more? Take a look at the TENSL Collection on our website.

BEVEL BENCH features mirrored castings, joined at the bench spine. A thin reveal between the two lightens the look and allows for compact shipping and easy assembly.
BEVEL LITTER RECEPTACLE is a side-opening design that complements the Bevel Bench and is an extremely durable match for public spaces of all kinds.
DASH BENCH  pairs a seat cast of TENSL UHPC with a frame of powdercoated aluminum. Slotted perforations in the seat allow water and light to pass through.
MITER PLANTER  is as elegant as it is versatile. Stainless steel corner details bring a refined look to this modular design that suits a wide range spaces.



Bevel Bench shown in freestanding configuration
Bevel Receptacle shown with door in Slate Texture powdercoat
Dash Bench shown with frame in Slate Texture powdercoat
Miter Planter shown in single configuration