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A Unique View: The Inspiration Behind ViviStrata Glass

Discover how F+S Architectural Surfaces Designer, Brigid Rau, combined her background in textile design with the latest etching technologies to create ViviStrata glass.

A Dynamic Design Process

ViviStrata features precisely etched designs that play with light and bring a dynamic sense of depth and dimension to glass. When developing the line, Brigid set out to explore the broadest definition of what etched glass could be.

She looked to our proprietary etching process to bring graphic precision to the collection saying, “Our manufacturing capabilities freed up my design process, allowing me to strike a balance between complexity and simplicity in the surfaces’ etched designs.”

This translates into crisp details, fine lines, and intricate patterns that put ViviStrata glass into a visually exciting league of its own.

The ViviStrata Line

The ViviStrata line is comprised of two unique families, each defined by the way it incorporates the etched designs.

ViviStrata Monolithic glass consists of a single tempered glass lite with etching on one or both sides. Monolithic glass is standard in a thickness of 10mm, but other glass thicknesses are also an option.

ViviStrata Layers glass features multi-layered patterns with one or more color graphic interlayers laminated between two lites of glass, with etching on one or both glass lites.

Patterns that Play with Light

Approaching her work with the mindset of a textile designer, Brigid brings working methods that shift between handcrafting and digital design to ViviStrata’s impressive breadth of patterns.

Taking inspiration from ice formations, lighting design, and contemporary painting, each pattern blends transparent and opaque areas and instances of light refraction and diffusion. 

Creating a unique sense of discovery, a variety of illusions are produced as light conditions change and viewing angles shift. These interactions with ViviStrata’s etched surfaces and interlayers present new ways to see the glass throughout the day.

To learn more about ViviStrata, head to the F+S website. You’ll find complete product details on our ViviStrata Layers and Monolithic product pages. You’ll also find links to the ViviStrata line on the VividGlass landing page.

F+S Architectural Surfaces Designer, Brigid Rau
ViviStrata Layers glass in View and Reflect with patterns: Palisade, Hive, Glide
ViviStrata Monolithic glass with patterns: Ripple, Hive, Stripes and Glint
ViviStrata Layers glass in Reflect configuration with Glint pattern
ViviStrata Layers glass in View with Palisade pattern
ViviStrata Layers glass in View with Palisade pattern
ViviStrata Monolithic glass in Hive pattern
ViviStrata Monolithic glass in Hive pattern