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West 2nd Street Park and Community Garden

Project Overview

West 2nd Street Park and Community Garden is a beautiful community gathering place in the heart of South Boston. Long a vacant lot, the revitalized 16,000 sq. ft. setting includes a central plaza, open lawns, and 21 community garden plots. The park’s unique design by Warner Larson Landscape Architects was inspired by a honeycomb pattern, a nod to the crucial role bees play in urban agriculture.

The F+S products used on the project were chosen for their adaptability—both to the site’s sloping layout and its hexagonal design theme—as well as for their long-lasting durability in public environments. Vector Benches provided a canvas for the honeycomb motif and were easily configured to the angled contours of the site. Tangent Table Ensembles supported the hexagonal theme and, along with Vector Table Ensembles, helped ensure ADA-compliant seating options.

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