Rincon Pathway Bollard: Lights Off
Rincon Pathway Bollard: Lights Off
Rincon Pathway Bollard: Lights Off
Rincon Pathway Bollard: Lights Off
Lighting & Security

Rincon Pathway Bollard

Rincon blends a minimalist form, stainless steel construction, and the unparalleled performance of Cree® LEDs. Precision manufacturing gives shape to the 4.5" square profile and creates a virtually seamless appearance.


Design Versatility
Rincon Pathway Bollards in 4.5" square profiles and 9.5" heights can be specified with Cree® LEDs in 3000K warm white or 4000K neutral white color temperatures. Rincon's stainless steel body and head cap are available in Satin finish with Ceramiloc, an invisible protective surface treatment, or durable powdercoat finish in a full range of standard and custom colors for easy tailor to site-specific themes.

Elegant Guidance
F+S redefines outdoor lighting with illuminated bollards, offering an ideal blend of beauty and safety for paths and walkways. Experience exceptional flexibility and performance in lighting that elevates any outdoor space.

Product Family
Rincon blends a minimalist form, precise 4.5" square profile, and durable stainless steel construction. Included within this group are bollards, pathway bollards and pedestrian lighting, each with a versatile mix of options for tailoring designs to individual project requirements.

Ceramiloc Treatment
Ceramiloc is an invisible surface treatment that offers significantly enhanced protection from weather and graffiti and increases the maintenance ease of stainless steel. Ceramiloc combines ceramic durability with an unparalleled ability to lock out water spots, fingerprints, graffiti and more.

Rincon Pathway Bollard

Geometric. By Design.

Rincon Pathway Bollard combines geometric precision with stainless steel durability and the superior performance of Cree® LEDs. With its minimalist form and seamless appearance, it offers both aesthetic appeal and functional illumination for outdoor spaces.


Rincon Pathway Bollards: Stainless Steel, Satin finish.
Rincon Pathway Bollard: Stainless Steel, Satin finish.


Overall Width
4.5 "
Overall Depth
4.5 "
Overall Height
9.5 "
9.7 lbs.
Color Temperature
Rincon Pathway BollardRincon Pathway Bollard
Rincon Pathway Bollard

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