Trio Bench: Slate Texture + FSC® Cumaru
Trio Bench: Slate Texture + FSC® Cumaru
Trio Bench: Slate Texture + FSC® Cumaru
Trio Bench: Slate Texture + FSC® Cumaru
Trio Bench: Slate Texture + FSC® Cumaru
Site Furniture

Trio Bench

Trio Bench combines artistic form with outdoor resilience, featuring swept details and exaggerated triangular voids. Versatile in material and design, perfect for enhancing parks, streetscapes, and campuses.

  • Slate Texture + FSC® Cumaru
  • Aluminum Texture + FSC® Cumaru
  • Argento Texture + Argento Texture
Slate Texture + FSC® Cumaru


Design Versatility
Backed and backless benches can be specified in nominal 6 foot lengths with extruded aluminum or FSC® 100% Cumaru hardwood slats. Benches with aluminum slats are also available in nominal 8 foot lengths. The Trio Bench must be surface mounted.

Durable Finishes
Corrosion-resistant powdercoated aluminum frames come in a full range of standard and custom colors for easy tailoring to site-specific themes. FSC® 100% Cumaru hardwood slats have a natural oiled finish that enhances the wood's rich color and outdoor performance.

Product Family
Pairing aluminum and FSC®-certified hardwoods, the Trio family includes backed and backless benches, a table ensemble, bike rack, and bollard and pedestrian lighting. Benches offer a choice of wood or metal slats. Table ensembles can be specified for ADA compliance.

Trio Bench

Smart. By Design.

The Trio Bench smartly merges sculptural elegance with practicality for outdoor environments. Its design, featuring dynamic triangular voids and sleek lines, offers versatile material options like extruded aluminum or FSC® 100% Cumaru hardwood. Ideal for revitalizing spaces from parks to campuses, it stands as a testament to smart design meeting outdoor durability.


Trio Bench: 6 foot backed configuration. Aluminum Texture powdercoated frame and slats.
Trio Bench: Backed configuration. Aluminum Texture powdercoated frame. FSC® 100% hardwood slats.


6 Foot Backed, Aluminum
Overall Length
75 "
Overall Depth
22.7 "
Overall Height
33.6 "
Seat Height
17.6 "
166.7 lbs.
Trio Bench
Trio Bench

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Product Support Documents

Product Data Sheet
Design Guide
CSI Specification
Powdercoat Product Data Sheet
Hardwood Product Data Sheet
Sustainable Wood Products FAQ
Outdoor Product Care & Maintenance

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