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ViviChrome Metallic Glass

Product Overview

ViviChrome Metallic glass pairs the beauty of metallic color with our unique Diamalex finish—a subtly textured finish that enhances the rich colors and brings a lustrous visual quality to the glass.

  • Comprised of a solid metallic color interlayer between two transparent lites of glass or transparent lite of glass and reflective glass backer
  • Selections are defined by four basic parameters: configuration + color interlayer + LumiLevel + finish
  • Double-sided View configuration is ideal when glass will be seen from both sides
  • Single-sided Reflect configuration is ideal for glass installed against another surface
  • Interlayers are standard in six metallic colors to coordinate with other F+S metals
  • LumiLevel options and a choice of four finishes, including Diamalex, increase the visual possibilities
  • Manufactured to specification and ready to install
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications


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