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Bonded Metal

Bonded Metal has achieved a place of distinction among high-performance surfacing materials. This versatile cast composite offers endless design possibilities for walls, columns, doors and other applications where visual richness and resistance to wear are desired.


Cast to Last
Bonded Metal is the product of a unique technology that casts metal granules in a tough, FRP matrix. The castings are lightweight, extremely durable, and have the character and appearance of solid metal.

Rich Metallic Colors
Choose from Bonded Aluminum, Bonded Bronze, and Bonded Nickel Silver. The metal granules cast into the composite define each material’s color personality. All color is integral so scratches are far less apparent than in materials with surface applied finishes.

Textural Patterns
Bonded Metal patterns range from subtle to bold, from lightly textured to organic, handcrafted designs. Our advanced mold-making techniques assure perfect reproduction from casting to casting. Some patterns are available in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

Contrast Enhancing Patinas
For added enhancement, patterns are available in a choice of Natural or Dark patinas. A Dark patina heightens the contrast between highlights and shadows for a more pronounced three-dimensional effect. A Natural patina provides subtler, more even tonal gradations.

Impressive Versatility
Bonded Metal can be used in many of our Wall Panel, Column and Elevator Interior Systems. It can also be specified as sheet goods for use in doors, wainscoting, counter facings, accents, and custom fabrications of virtually any shape or size. It can be used in interior and select exterior applications.

Bonded Metal

Timeless. By Design.

Bonded Metal is a high-design, high-performance surfacing material with exceptional creative potential. Field-proven in public and private spaces for more than 50 years, Bonded Metal is exclusive to F+S.


Bonded Nickel Silver: Dark Patina, Vancouver pattern. Shown in LEVELe Elevator Interior with Stainless Steel.
Bonded Nickel Silver: Dark Patina, Vancouver pattern.
Bonded Metal

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