LEVELc-2000 Elevator Interiors: undefined
LEVELc-2000 Elevator Interiors: undefined
Elevator Interiors

LEVELc-2000 Elevator Interiors

LEVELc-2000 Elevator Interiors give you numerous ways to combine materials and finishes from the F+S materials library. The design lets you easily align with other materials on a project, create distinctive visual statements, and meet diverse performance and budgetary requirements.


Panel Aesthetics
LEVELc-2000 panels feature a unique stile, rail and inset design that allows you to mix and match materials in any number of ways. Individual panels consist of the stile and rail elements and decorative inset materials bonded to a fire-rated substrate.

Configuration Options
For LEVELc-2000, configurability equates to defining your material and finish selections for the individual panel components: stiles, rails, and insets. You can easily explore ideas and create your designs using the Elevator Design Studio.

Extensive Material Choices
LEVELc-2000 utilizes the full F+S materials library, including glass. Inset materials can vary, and top and bottom insets can be the same or different materials. Stiles and rails in Stainless Steel or Fused Metal can be chosen to match or contrast with the insets.

Added Refinements
The design of LEVELc-2000 wall panels eliminates the need for separate bases, thanks to the integral bottom rail. A z-clip mounting system makes LEVELc-2000 easy to install.

Complete Packages
LEVELc-2000 provides everything needed for cost-efficient installation. Standard components include Wall Panels and Corner Reveals; Handrails, Crash Rails, and Ceilings with lighting are optional. LEVELc-2000 is ideal for new or modernization projects of any size, weight capacity, or door configuration.

LEVELc-2000 Elevator Interiors

Durably Beautiful. By Design.

Versatile. Durable. Easy to Install. LEVELc-2000 Elevator Interiors give you countless ways to address the needs of high-traffic public spaces and create highly durable, visually exciting elevator interiors.


Wall Panel Layout
Back walls consist of three vertical panels; side walls consist of two vertical panels
Standard Trim Options
Corner Reveals
Unique Functionality
Panel design eliminates the need for separate bases
Inset materials can vary and be combined in numerous ways
Z-clip mounting system
Panel Inset Materials
Stainless Steel
Fused Metal
Linq Woven Metal
Bonded Metal
Bonded Quartz
Wood Veneer
LEVELc-2000 Elevator Interiors


LEVELc-2000 Elevator Interior: Upper insets in Bonded Aluminum, Natural Patina, Charleston pattern. Lower insets in custom American Walnut wood veneer. Stiles and rails in Stainless Steel, Sandstone finish.
LEVELc-2000 Elevator Interiors: Upper insets in ViviGraphix Graphica glass, Seagrass pattern interlayer, Standard finish. Lower insets in Stainless Steel, custom finish. Stiles and rails in Stainless Steel, Sandstone finish.
LEVELc-2000 Elevator Interiors

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