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Bonded Quartz

Bonded Quartz is a high-performance surfacing solution for today’s interior spaces. This unique cast composite draws on our long history of material casting to yield precisely output patterns that make a striking design statement.


Beautiful Durability
Bonded Quartz incorporates ceramic microspheres in a fiber-reinforced polymer matrix. This combination yields incredibly durable, lightweight castings that have a stunning surface appearance and are easy to clean.

Simple Colors
Bonded Quartz keeps things simple with a contemporary palette of Charcoal and White. All color is integral, so scratches are far less noticeable than in materials with surface applied finishes. Custom colors may be an option on a per-project basis.

Crisp Patterns
Patterns range from intricate textures to refined geometrics to designs that echo nature. Each captures shadows, directs light, and brings dimension to the surface in its own unique way. For expanded reach, some patterns are available in horizontal and vertical orientations.

Impressive Versatility
Bonded Quartz castings can be specified in sheet sizes that let you move from architectural accents to applications of monolithic proportions. It can also be used in many of our Wall Panel, Column and Elevator Interior Systems.

Bonded Quartz

Modern. By Design.

Bonded Quartz is unlike anything else on the market. In the spirit of F+S cast composites, it’s a beautifully modern solution for bringing texture, dimension, and visual interest to otherwise flat vertical surfaces.


Bonded Quartz: White, Kalahari pattern.
Bonded Quartz: White, Kalahari pattern.
Bonded Quartz

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