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CastGlass Elements Glass

The CastGlass Elements line features highly original designs created by pairing kiln cast glass with color graphic interlayers. Offering a timeless look and feel, Elements is available exclusively in our wall panel, column, and elevator interior systems.


Elements Basics
CastGlass Elements glass is comprised of a color graphic interlayer laminated between a transparent lite of kiln cast glass and a protective backer. Each Elements design is a unique pairing of Glass Texture + Color Graphic Interlayer.

Synergistic Designs
CastGlass Elements designs are synergistic compositions that pair texture, dimension, and colored graphics in innovative ways. Each unique design has its own expressive personality.

Glass Texture
Textures shape the surface appearance of the glass and create its inviting tactile appeal. Options range from linear motifs to intricate patterns to free-form compositions.

Interlayers: Colored Graphics
Elements interlayers feature colored graphics optimized for the specific textures with which they’re paired. Interlayers enrich the optical experience of the glass by enhancing the sense of movement, depth, and dimension.

Impressive Versatility
CastGlass Elements glass is available exclusively in our LEVELe Wall Panel and Column Systems and LEVELc and LEVELe Elevator Interiors.

CastGlass Elements Glass

Statement-making. By Design.

CastGlass Elements glass gives you sophisticated new ways to bring texture to a project, incorporate light play and dimension, and carry statement-making glass across architectural settings of all kinds.


CastGlass Elements glass: Origin texture + Cascade graphic interlayer in White.
CastGlass Elements glass: Verse texture + Pointe graphic interlayer in Black.
CastGlass Elements Glass

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