LEVELc-1000 Elevator Interiors: undefined
LEVELc-1000 Elevator Interiors: undefined
Elevator Interiors

LEVELc-1000 Elevator Interiors

LEVELc-1000 Elevator Interiors feature a full-panel design. Offering a choice of Stainless Steel or Fused Metal in a variety of finishes, LEVELc-1000 is a beautiful, durable design for high-traffic, high-use spaces.


Panel Aesthetics
LEVELc-1000 is our simplest elevator interior design. Individual panels consist of a single face material bonded to a fire-rated substrate.

Durable Material Choices
LEVELc-1000 panels can be specified in Stainless Steel or any of our Fused Metals. Both offer a choice of finishes and the option for incorporating patterns into your design.

Added Refinements
A z-clip mounting system makes LEVELc-1000 easy to install

Complete Packages
LEVELc-1000 provides everything needed for cost-efficient installation. Standard components include Wall Panels and Corner Reveals; Handrails, Crash Rails, and Ceilings with lighting are optional. LEVELc-1000 is ideal for new or modernization projects of any size, weight capacity, or door configuration.

LEVELc-1000 Elevator Interiors

Ruggedly Basic. By Design.

LEVELc-1000 is a highly durable system optimized for airports, universities, parking structures, and other public areas where durability, maintenance ease, and potential abuse are primary concerns.


Wall Panel Layout
Back walls consist of three vertical panels; side walls consist of two vertical panels
Standard Trim Options
Bases, Corner Reveals
Unique Functionality
Durable, economical design
Z-clip mounting system
Panel Face Materials
Stainless Steel
Fused Metal
LEVELc-1000 Elevator Interiors


LEVELc-1000 Elevator Interior: Stainless Steel, Seastone finish.
LEVELc-1000 Elevator Interior: Stainless Steel, Seastone finish.
LEVELc-1000 Elevator Interiors

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