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Stainless Steel

Unmatched in quality and beauty, stainless steel is our flagship material. It aligns with our contemporary aesthetic, and we love it for its superior performance, easy maintainability, long life cycle, high recycled content, and recyclability.


Distinctive Finishes
Our Stainless Steel finishes are intrinsic to the material. They don’t wear off, are nontoxic, and let the natural beauty of the stainless steel shine through. Choose from a variety of finish options to define the metal’s surface appearance. Once you’ve selected a finish, you have the option of adding a pattern.

Customizable Eco-Etch Patterns
Eco-Etch patterns are optional. These eco-friendly etched designs are applied to the metal surface using our advanced photolithographic bead-blasting system instead of acids or harmful chemicals. Choose from our standard patterns or use Eco-Etch to bring custom artwork, logos or graphics into your designs.

High-Relief Impression Patterns
Impression patterns are optional. Available in linear, geometric, and organic themes, they can be used to add visual impact, enhanced durability, and a tactile feel. Some Impression patterns are also available in other F+S materials for design continuity throughout a space.

Ceramiloc+ Protection
Ceramiloc+ is our protective surface treatment. It’s optional, and can be used with most finishes and patterns. It significantly increases the fingerprint resistance and maintenance ease of the Stainless Steel and minimally alters its surface appearance.

Impressive Versatility
Stainless Steel can be used in F+S Wall Panel and Column Systems, Elevator Interiors, Elevator Doors, and more. It can also be specified for custom applications in any size up to 60" x 120" (1524 mm x 3048 mm). It’s easy to maintain and suitable for interior and select exterior settings.

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel

Enduring. By Design.

Stainless Steel is a highly adaptable, high-performance material. Whether used on its own or in other F+S products, options abound for creating enduringly beautiful designs.


Stainless Steel: Sandstone finish, Dallas Impression pattern. Shown in LEVELe Wall Panel System.
Stainless Steel: Sandstone finish, Dallas Impression pattern. Shown in LEVELe Wall Panel System.
Stainless Steel

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