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ViviSpectra VEKTR Glass

Offering unprecedented creative freedom, ViviSpectra VEKTR glass and the VEKTR Digital Canvas give you the tools you need to transform digital images of any size into stunning architectural glass designs.


VEKTR Basics
ViviSpectra VEKTR glass is comprised of VEKTR image interlayers laminated between a transparent lite of glass and reflective glass backer, or two transparent lites of glass. Each VEKTR design combines three distinct elements: Configuration, Interlayer and Finish.

Configuration Options
Configuration refers to how the glass can be used. You have three options with VEKTR: Reflect, for glass installed against a wall or other surface; View, for partitions, doors, and applications where the glass is seen from both sides; and LightPlane, for use in LightPlane Panels.

Interlayers: Your Own Images, Reimagined
VEKTR interlayers incorporate customized interpretations of your own digital imagery, which you create using the VEKTR Digital Canvas (VDC), our interactive design tool. The VDC allows to you use any digital image of any size to create highly personalized interlayer artwork.

Creative Invitation
VEKTR gives you the freedom to use your own imagery to personalize your glass designs, without worrying about source image size or resolution. Capture the shot you want with your smart phone. Select from your image library. Scan brochures or material swatches. The choice is yours.

Impressive Versatility
ViviSpectra VEKTR glass can be used in F+S Wall Panel and Column Systems, Elevator Interiors, and LightPlane Panels. It can also be specified for custom applications in any size up to 60" x 120" (1524 mm x 3048 mm). It’s easy to maintain and suitable for use indoors and out.

ViviSpectra VEKTR Glass

Creatively Yours. By Design.

ViviSpectra VEKTR glass lets you use virtually any digital image as the basis for your design. The possibilities are endless for bringing nature into a space, maintaining a brand’s look and feel, and maximizing casual shots with project-specific importance.


ViviSpectra VEKTR glass: Reflect configuration, custom interlayer, Standard finish.
ViviSpectra VEKTR glass: Reflect configuration, custom interlayer, Standard finish.
ViviSpectra VEKTR Glass

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