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ViviStone Glass

ViviStone unites the beauty of stone with the convenience of laminated glass. Nearly indistinguishable from real stone, ViviStone gives you endless possibilities for bringing the visual impact and richness of stone to your projects.


ViviStone Basics
ViviStone glass is comprised of a slab interlayer laminated between a transparent lite of glass and reflective glass backer, or two transparent lites of glass. Each ViviStone design combines three distinct elements: Configuration, Interlayer, and Finish.

Configuration Options
Configuration is determined by the end use for your glass. You have three options with ViviStone: Reflect, for glass installed against a wall or other surface; View, for partitions, doors, and applications where the glass is seen from both sides; and LightPlane, for use in LightPlane Panels.

Interlayers: The Rich Look of Stone
ViviStone interlayers are ultra-sharp, full-scale representations of stones from around the world. Six unique families comprise the line: Abalone Onyx, Cream Onyx, Honey Onyx, Opal Onyx, Pearl Onyx, and White Onyx. Each conveys the visual richness of real stone with a library of slabs that offer beautiful variations in color and veining.

Glass Finishes
Finishes let you define the surface appearance of your glass and enhance your ViviStone design. Each finish provides a different level of diffusion, reflectivity, glare, and optical distortion.

Impressive Versatility
ViviStone glass can be used in F+S Wall Panel and Column Systems, Elevator Interiors, and LightPlane Panels. It can also be specified for custom applications in sizes up to the maximums defined per family. It’s easy to maintain and suitable for use indoors and out.

ViviStone Glass

The Beauty of Stone. By Design.

ViviStone glass is a beautiful way to bring rich look of stone to your projects. It can be tailored to diverse applications and, in any setting, adds a sense of warmth and solidity, depth and dimension, and a harmonious connection to the world around us.


ViviStone glass: LightPLane configuration, Pearl Onyx, Pearlex+ finish. Shown in LEVELe Elevator Interior.
ViviStone glass: View and LightPlane configuration, White Onyx, Standard finish.
ViviStone Glass

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