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ViviStrata Glass

ViviStrata glass blends the eye of a textile designer with the latest in etching technologies. This innovative line features color graphic interlayers laminated between lites of etched glass. Each multi-layered pattern is a dynamic play of graphics, color, etched elements, and light.


ViviStrata Basics
ViviStrata glass is comprised of color graphic interlayers laminated between two transparent lites of glass with etching on one or both lites. Each ViviStrata design combines three distinct elements: Configuration, Pattern, and Interlayer Color.

Configuration Options
Configuration is determined by the end use for your glass. You have three options with ViviStrata: Reflect, for glass installed against a wall or other surface; View, for partitions, doors, and applications where the glass is seen from both sides; and LightPlane, for use in LightPlane Panels.

Patterns: Graphic Interlayers + Etched Designs
Multi-layered ViviStrata glass patterns combine two interrelated elements: one or more graphic interlayers, plus an etched design on one or both glass lites. For each pattern, you can specify the interlayer(s) color using any Pantone, Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color.

Protective Sealer
To keep projects looking their best, all ViviStrata glass has an invisible protective sealer that repels dirt, makes the glass surface easy to clean, and ensures the long-lasting beauty of the etched designs.

Impressive Versatility
ViviStrata glass can be used in F+S Wall Panel and Column Systems, Elevator Interiors, and LightPlane Panels. It can also be specified for custom applications in sizes up to 60" x 120" (1524 mm x 3048 mm). It’s easy to maintain and suitable for use indoors and out.

ViviStrata Glass

Visually Exciting. By Design.

ViviStrata glass can be used to stunning visual effect. Each pattern blends transparent and opaque areas that create a sense of depth and dimension. Patterns shift as light and viewing angles change, revealing precise etched designs, crisp lines, and intricate details that put ViviStrata into a league of its own.


ViviStrata glass: View configuration, custom Surge pattern.
ViviStrata glass: View configuration, custom Surge pattern.
ViviStrata Glass

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