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Helio Bollards outside a corporate office

Our newest CEU takes the mystery out of selecting security bollards designed to protect as intended and look good while doing it.

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Site security is a major concern in today’s unpredictable world. Public spaces and facilities are susceptible to accidental as well as deliberate vehicle infringement. Although design professionals must now be increasingly sensitive to site safety and security, these requirements also provide opportunities enhance the design and functionality of a space.

This course covers the essentials of selecting security bollards that provide adequate protection while adding exceptional aesthetic value to a project. This course first examines the needs of a modern outdoor environment and how an assessment can be completed to evaluate a project’s security needs. Next, the course will cover common testing standards as well as the necessary foundation engineering options required to meet those standards. Finally, the course highlights lighting and material options that can be selected to integrate seamlessly into the design of a landscape.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Assess project security requirements to appropriately specify bollards as security barriers.
  • Describe current testing and standards used to certify bollard performance in the field, which allows product specification with confidence.
  • Examine bollard foundation engineering and the impact of its design on the effective performance of the bollard as a barrier system.
  • Explore modern design innovations for security bollards that allow high durability in combination with lighting performance and exceptional aesthetics

To take the course, visit the Continuing Education page.

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