Power Up and Stay Connected with Tenza

Tenza Chargers shown in Moss Texture powdercoat and Stainless Steel

Tenza Charging Stations bring power for mobile devices and more to any space, indoors or out, in an eye-catching, wedge-shaped form that invites user engagement and prompts easy recognition.

Top view of Tenza Charging Stations shown in (from top): Clay Texture, Moss Texture, and Cool Grey Texture Powdercoats, complemented by Stainless Steel bodies

Tenza’s open profile beckons from every direction. From some angles, the wedge helps guide users to the “entry” side and implies more to investigate. From the front, the charging garages are ready for use and intuitively understood.

Tenza Charging Station shown in Cool Grey Texture powdercoat and Stainless Steel

Tenza’s design emphasizes stainless steel—a material that performs beautifully in virtually any setting and is a key component of the F+S materials palette. The stainless aspect separates Tenza from more utilitarian or maintenance-oriented power supplies, and along with the distinctive wedge shape, turns the charging station into a design element.

Tenza Charging Station shown in Stainless Steel at 36" height

Tenza Charging Stations are available in 36" and 53" heights to provide convenient, comfortable charging for seated and standing users.

The design is comprised of a front panel that wraps upward to form the top of the fixture, and an outer shell that wraps around to create the elegant wedge shape. For all models, the front/top panel is stainless steel with a Satin finish and Ceramiloc—our invisible surface treatment that provides enhanced protection from weather and graffiti and increases the maintenance ease.

The outer shell material and charging garage details vary per fixture size.

A variety of Tenza Charging Station configurations with Stainless Steel and Clay Texture powdercoat

36" Tenza Charging Stations have a stainless steel shell with a Satin finish and our protective Ceramiloc treatment. 36" models have one charging garage. Garage doors are powdercoated aluminum.

Tenza in Stainless Steel at 36" height

53" Tenza Charging Stations have a powdercoated aluminum shell with perforations on the extended portion.

Tenza Charging Station shown at 53" height

53" models are available with one or two charging garages and have a shelf below each garage to hold devices while charging. The shelves are slightly angled and include a slot for drainage. Garage doors and shelves are powdercoated aluminum to match the outer shell.

Tenza Charging Station with open garage doors and a phone charging on the top shelf

Each garage houses a standard 15A tamper-resistant GFCI receptacle with two traditional outlets and one each USB-A and USB-C. Receptacles self-test every three seconds and meet NEC® Tamper-Resistant requirements.

Garage doors are self-closing for protection from water and debris. Garage interiors have a 4000K LED task light that turns on automatically when the garage door is opened.

A close-up of Tenza Charging Station with an open top garage door. Inside a lit LED highlights an electrical outlet

Tenza’s emphasis on stainless steel ensures easy coordination with other F+S products—for example, many of our benches, receptacles and outdoor lighting designs feature stainless steel, as do our wall and column systems.

A close-up of a Tenza Charging Station with Cool Grey Texture powdercoat and Stainless Steel body

Likewise, Tenza’s full range of standard and custom powdercoat colors aligns with other F+S products that incorporate our powdercoat finishes.

36" Tenza Charging Station shown in an outdoor setting

Finally, regardless of size selected, Tenza Charging Stations serve as a versatile canvas for site-specific customization: logos and branding elements, regional maps, custom colors and wayfinding graphics are just some of the many options.

Tenza Charging Stations with custom wrap design

From any perspective, Tenza is a great way to stay powered up and connected, wherever you are. To learn more, visit the Tenza product page.

Two Tenza Charging Stations shown with Moss Texture powdercoat in an outdoor setting

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