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Seeing Stars: Announcing International DarkSky Approved Lighting

Aptos, Helio and Radia lighting families with 3000K LEDs are now approved by the International DarkSky Association to reduce light pollution.

Each DarkSky compliant product has received the International DarkSky Association Fixture Seal of Approval, which provides objective, third-party certification for lighting that minimizes glare and reduces light trespass into the night sky.

F+S DarkSky approved lighting utilizes downward facing illumination, 3000K LED lighting and a range of shielding options that help to reduces backlight and glare. Together these features work to combat unnecessary light pollution, which has been acknowledged to have far reaching impacts, on wildlife, human health, and wastes money and energy.

Aptos Pedestrian Lighting blends graceful lines, 3000K performance LEDs, and the visual lightness and distinctive design. Fixtures consist of single or double luminaires to accommodate project needs and direct light only where desired.

Aptos Bollards unite the best of two worlds with solar-powered and hardwired designs. Self-contained solar-powered bollards are sleek in appearance and predictively adapt to their surroundings: featuring a self-learning solar lighting controller with intelligent day/night detection, fixtures go on at dusk, off at dawn, for reliable light output when it’s needed. Hardwired bollards are ideal for settings where wiring exists and/or where solar isn’t appropriate.

Helio Bollards, Series 600, in 3000K bring an elegant simplicity to public spaces of all kinds and offer 180° and 360° light distribution options as well as security core variations.

For expanded performance, the Helio family also includes Series 900, M30/K4, and Series 1200, M40/K8 and M50/K12 Security Bollards. All Helio bollards in 3000K combine robust performance while offering a sustainable option for DarkSky compliance. 

The Radia family blends an elegant cove-style design with coordinated options in three sizes: solar-powered bollards, hardwired bollards, and hardwired pathway bollards, all available with International DarkSky approved 3000K LED illumination options.

F+S International DarkSky Approved fixtures are a perfect solution for projects in historic districts, cities and parks where preservation and restoration of the natural night environment is a focus. 
To see how F+S DarkSKy Lighting can have you seeing stars, visit the DarkSky Approved products page.

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