Meet Eleven: Secure Bike Parking with a Colorful Personality

A bike is secured to a row of Eleven bike racks shown in a mix of powdercoats

Eleven is a contemporary bike rack design that pairs the exceptional performance of stainless steel with color and finish options that put creative control at your fingertips.

A line of Eleven bike racks shown in stainless steel. A bike is secured to the second bike rack

Eleven Bike Racks consist of tubular elements in two heights, a top plate connecting the two, and a base plate (for surface-mount models)—all in stainless steel.

The form itself is elegantly simple and offers secure bike parking for one or two bikes.

A bike is secured to an Eleven bike rack shown in Stainless Steel

From a functional standpoint, Eleven’s design supports most bikes in multiple places and accommodates standard U-locks. The width between vertical elements allows cyclists to lock one or both wheels and the stainless steel used in Eleven’s construction is highly resistant to cutting—an aspect that lends its own level of property-protecting security.

Two bikes are secured to a single Eleven bike rack.

Visually, the beauty of Eleven’s design lies in the way it allows you to mix and match colors and finishes on a single bike rack.

A line of Eleven bike racks are installed along a sidewalk. They are shown in a range of powdercoat colors

Each of Eleven’s stainless steel elements can be specified in either a powdercoat color or Satin finish with our protective Ceramiloc treatment—in which case the tubular elements have a radial Satin finish and the top and base plates have polished edges.

A close-up shot of the Eleven bike rack frame made of Stainless Steel. A bike secured to another Eleven bike rack is shown in the background

In terms of combining colors and finishes, options vary per model: Eleven Bike Racks can be surface mounted or cast in place, and each style offers different opportunities.

A line of Eleven bike racks are displayed along a sidewalk and garden area. They are shown in Stainless Steel

For surface-mount models, shown above and below at right, up to two finishes/colors can be used: one for the upright tubular elements and base plate, and one for the top plate.

Two Eleven bike racks are shown next to each other. The left is made of Stainless Steel, the right is shown in Azure powdercoat with a Stainless Steel cross bar

For cast-in-place models, shown below and at left above, up to three finishes/colors can be used: one each for the tubular elements and a third for the top plate.

A line of Eleven bike racks installed along a sidewalk. They are shown in a mix of powdercoat colors

Whether you opt for the sophisticated look of stainless steel, add pops of color, mix colors and finishes, or go with a single powdercoat color, the choice is yours.

Four Eleven bike racks arranged next to each other. They are shown in a mix of Stainless Steel, Alabaster powdercoat, and Clay powdercoat

Eleven’s versatile finish options make it easy to align with site-specific aesthetics, call attention to bike parking areas, or coordinate with a property’s wayfinding programs or color and branding themes.

A bike is attached to a single Eleven bike rack on a sidewalk. The bike rack is shown in Stainless Steel

Add to the equation Eleven’s durable stainless construction and you get a bike rack that’s at home virtually anywhere: universities, corporate campuses, museums, malls, libraries, parks, city centers, public plazas, and more.

A line of Eleven bike racks with Stainless Steel frames

To see how you can bring Eleven’s colorful personality to your projects, visit the Eleven Bike Rack page.

A white bike is attached to an Eleven bike rack along a sidewalk.

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