Introducing form+ Augmented Configurator

A user explores the Form+ Configurator home screen

The team at Forms+Surfaces is excited to officially launch form+, an augmented product configurator that combines advanced visualization technology with simplified project management. 

Featuring over eighty-six site furniture, outdoor lighting, and security bollard products, form+ may be the most advanced design tool in the F+S arsenal. According to Bernard Jeanfils, F+S Vice President of Marketing, “form+ will streamline our customers’ specification process, allowing them to create any design matching their project’s requirements in a matter of a few clicks.”

form+ Highlights

There are three key features that set form+ apart from traditional online configurators: high quality visualization, extensive product configuration controls, and automated specification deliverables. These items were intentionally designed to bring clarity to the design process and save you time.

High Quality Visualization

The form+ configurator uses two methods of displaying products. The first can be found on most product pages under the “form+ Augmented Configurator” tab. Embedded in the page is a module featuring a 3D product model rendered in incredible detail. Realistic lighting, textures, and colors make the product look lifelike, removing any doubt about the final design.

Selecting materials for the Bevel Receptacle with the Form+ configurator

form+ takes visualization one step further by providing an option to view your unique design with augmented reality (AR) technology. Clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the viewport (the icon looks like an outlined cube) generates a QR code. Scan that code with a phone and your design will be placed in your real-time environment.

form+ generates a QR code to see an augmented reality version of an F+S product

Configuration Controls

In the past, visualization was limited to photography of select product configurations. Designers didn’t have the ability to preview F+S products with their chosen materials until they arrived on site. form+ changes that. This tool includes product-specific customization controls allowing you to update the model in real time. Powdercoat colors, hardwoods, mounting options, and other configurable elements can all be adjusted and viewed in seconds.

Selecting materials for the Flight Bench in the form+ configurator

Project Specific Documentation

form+ is a comprehensive tool that allows you to go beyond product design. Upon registration, you can access your user dashboard and add designs to your projects. Ultimately, you can submit them to your local F+S territory manager and receive pricing in a matter of a few days.

form+ configurator login screen

Creating projects gives you the opportunity to download installation instructions, environmental data, product data sheets, and quote order forms. You can do this for individual products or download all of the information for a single project with a click of a button. form+ gives you the autonomy to work at your own pace.

A message appears asking the user if they want to submit their product for a quote

Helpful Tips

In order to contact your local F+S representative, you will need to provide some personal information including your name, phone number, and location. Rest assured that your data is secure and will never be sold to third parties or compromised in any way.

The next few weeks will see the addition of more products and application improvements. Stay tuned for further updates.

The F+S team has put a lot of time and energy into making this new tool the best it can be. We are so excited to be sharing it with the world, and we can’t wait to see what you create!

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