Meet Cyrca: Beautiful Protection in Stainless Steel

A line of Cyrca Bollards shown in Stainless Steel with Flare Caps

Cyrca M30-P1/K4 Security Bollards provide robust protection, ambient lighting, and a sleek design that integrates into a wide range of environments.

A line of Cyrca Bollards in Stainless Steel with Satin Finish and Standard Caps

Cyrca is the latest addition to our growing Security Bollard line. Featuring durable stainless steel construction, it’s a beautiful, hardworking choice for public spaces requiring M30-P1/K4 rated security protection against vehicle infringement.

Cyrca Bollards form a barrier between a road and sidewalk

In terms of security performance, the M30-P1/K4 designation indicates that Cyrca M30-P1/K4 Security Bollards are successful in stopping a 15,000 lb. vehicle traveling at a minimum test velocity of 30 mph in less than 3.3 feet (1 meter). The rating makes Cyrca well-suited for mid-high value properties, transportation hubs, boardwalks, and large gathering areas that face a moderate threat of heavy or fast-moving traffic.

A line of Cyrca Bollards with Doric caps create a barrier between a sidewalk and road

In terms of design options, Cyrca’s a highly versatile fixture.

Cyrca Bollard in Stainless Steel with Satin Finish and Rift cap

Cyrca M30-P1/K4 Security Bollards are available in illuminated and non-illuminated variations. Both are 40" high x 9.25" dia. and offer a choice of cap designs, as shown further below. Both have embedded security cores and can use either of two mounting styles: deep set or shallow mount.

Two Cyrca Bollards with differing configurations

Illuminated bollards have a tubular stainless steel column, frosted acrylic lens, and stainless steel cap. Stainless steel elements are standard with a Satin finish and Ceramiloc, our invisible surface treatment that offers significantly enhanced protection from weather and graffiti and increases the maintenance ease of the stainless steel.

Four lit Cyrca Bollards shown with four different cap designs

Illuminated bollards incorporate Cree® LEDs in 3000K warm white or 4000K neutral white. The light output is not overpowering and is ideal for properties wanting to bolster the visibility of a site, add visual interest, and/or assist with wayfinding needs. Upward lumen output is less than 5%.

A close-up of an illuminated Cyrca Bollard with Standard cap

Non-illuminated bollards have a polished stainless steel ring in place of the frosted acrylic lens—a thoughtful detail that brings a refined finish to the design.

A close-up of a non-lit Cyrca Bollard with standard cap

Four cap options for both illuminated and non-illuminated models readily coordinate with a variety of environments and architectural styles. Integral to the fixtures, standard cap options are Standard, Flare, Doric and Rift, as shown left to right below.

Four non-lit Cyrca Bollards with four different cap designs

Rounding out Cyrca’s potential: illuminated and non-illuminated bollards are also available in non-security variations. In addition, optional powdercoat finishes in standard or custom colors can be a great way to align with project-specific branding or color themes.

Cyrca Bollards with four different powdercoat finishes: Alabaster, Argento, Mushroom, and Slate

Robust M30-P1/K4 rated security protection. A multitude of design options. Ambient illumination—or not. Whichever combinations you choose, Cyrca makes it easy to meet a diversity of needs.

Cyrca Bollards form a barrier in front of a commercial space

To learn more, head to the Cyrca M30-P1/K4 Security Bollard product page.

A line of Cyrca Bollards with Rift cap designs outside of an airport

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