New View Expands Loom’s Design Potential

A woman holds a piece of ViviTela Loom Glass

ViviTela Loom glass is now offered in View—a double-sided configuration that allows light to pass through and significantly expands the design possibilities of the line.

A variety of ViviTela Loom Glass samples

ViviTela Loom brings the visual softness and dimensional beauty of handwoven textiles to glass. Inspired by traditional open-weave cloth, Loom translates the warp and weft rhythms of handloomed fabrics into dynamic, high-relief patterns enhanced by the light-catching properties of glass.

A close up of ViviTela Loom Glass samples with Abaca and Interlace patterns

ViviTela Loom originally launched in the Reflect configuration, which consists of an interlayer between a transparent lite of glass and a reflective glass backer. Reflect is typically used in applications where the glass is installed against another surface and seen from one side (on a wall or in an elevator interior, for example).

A potted plant is placed in front of a sheet of ViviTela Loom Glass in Interlace pattern

Now, Loom glass is also available in the View configuration.

A small square sample of ViviTela Loom Glass rests atop another larger sample. Abaca and Interlace patterns shown

View is a double-sided configuration that consists of an interlayer laminated between two transparent lites of glass. View is ideal for use in doors, railings, partitions, and other applications where semi-privacy and/or the light transmission benefits of glass are desired.

A sample of ViviTela Loom Glass with Interlace pattern shown in black

Four patterns are available for both configurations. All are standard in Black or White—a simple, statement-making palette that can be used to set the tone of a space. Custom colors are an option as well.

A close up of 2 sheets of ViviTela Loom Glass

Consistent with the ViviTela line, Loom glass offers superior end results. Sophisticated F+S production processes ensure precise, consistent patterns across individual glass lites and from one lite to the next, without the imperfections often seen with laminated fabrics and other woven materials.

Samples of ViviTela Loom Glass in white and black

And, because ViviTela Loom patterns are captured in glass, they’re a beautiful fit for applications and settings not typically considered for fabrics or where actual fabrics and textiles aren’t appropriate—but laminated glass is.

A single branch gracefully arcs toward a sheet of ViviTela Loom Glass
A woman holds a sheet of ViviTela Loom Glass in a ray of sunshine

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