Radia Lighting: Illuminated Performance Three Ways

Radia Bollard in an outdoor setting

Radia blends an elegant cove-style design with coordinated options for solar-powered and hardwired performance.

2 Radia Bollards light a sidewalk outside of a building

The Radia family includes three distinctive fixtures—a solar bollard, a hardwired bollard, and a hardwired pathway bollard. Each is available with Cree® LEDs in 3000K warm white or 4000K neutral white, and each is a different size to address different lighting scenarios.

A line of Radia Pathway Bollards light a sidewalk

As shown left to right below: Hardwired Radia Bollards have a 28.9" high x 4.4" dia. profile that’s at home in many environments. Solar-powered Radia Bollards 36.5" high x 6.8" dia. are designed to optimize solar light capture and output. Radia Pathway Bollards 11.4" high x 4.4" dia. are scaled for ground-level illumination.

Radia Bollards come in various configurations

Radia features durable aluminum construction. Fixture bodies are powdercoated aluminum with a subtle faceted surface that plays with shadows and light and adds visual interest.

A side view of a Radia Bollard

Cove interiors can be specified in the same powdercoat color as the body—an option that accentuates Radia’s clean, slim profiles.

Radia Bollards with powdercoated interior coves

Cove interiors can also be specified in white—an option that maximizes reflectivity and light output.

Radia Bollards with white interior coves

By day, Radia’s simple forms don’t detract from their surroundings. By night, the illuminated coves create cascading gradients of light that brings the fixtures to life. Thoughtfully placed LEDs provide 180° light spread on the ground.

A lit Radia Pathway Bollard with white cove

Solar-powered Radia Bollards offer easy installation without wiring. They can be used where wiring is inconvenient or not possible, and are ideal for retrofits of pre-existing built environments, rooftop applications, and settings where trenching is difficult or not possible.

A Radia Bollard in an outdoor setting

Because the solar-powered bollards are self-contained, meaning that all components are contained within the fixture, everything’s ready to go: there’s no need to assemble separate solar arrays, battery enclosures and light fixtures.

Side view of a Radia Bollard surrounded by grass

In addition, Radia solar-powered bollards predictively adapt to their surroundings. Featuring a self-learning solar lighting controller (SLC) with intelligent day/night detection, fixtures go on at dusk, off at dawn, providing reliable light output when it’s needed, without ongoing manual reprogramming.

A solar powered Radia Pathway Bollard

Hardwired Radia Bollards have the same uncluttered design and LED performance as their solar-powered counterparts. The hardwired variation is ideal for settings where access to wired power already exists or site conditions don’t allow for a solar-powered bollard—for example, under dense tree cover or on the shady side of a building.

Two Radia Bollards light a sidewalk

Radia Pathway Bollards complete the mix and, like the hardwired bollards, are an elegant fit for smaller spaces like courtyards and gardens. They can be easily integrated into landscape settings and to the extent desired, blend seamlessly into an environment. They can also serve as illuminated wayfinding elements that draw attention to building entries and pathways, and/or provide guidance by dividing or defining space.

Two Radia Pathway Bollards light a sidewalk

Together or on their own, Radia Bollards and Radia Pathway Bollards are an exceptional choice for bringing cohesive aesthetics and LED illumination across a property.

A Radia Bollard in an outdoor setting

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