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Design Studio

The Forms+Surfaces Design Studio has been fostering innovation, research and creativity for years. Drawing on backgrounds in industrial and textile design, the team is always on the lookout for new and sustainable ways of creating exciting, cost-efficient products that can be tailored to suit the aesthetic and performance needs of any environment.


Design Director

As Design Director for Forms+Surfaces, Adam Tripp oversees Product Design and Development across all F+S product lines. In addition to the project management of new and custom product development, he is continually defining new materials and manufacturing processes that influence the look and feel of the Forms+Surfaces brand. Adam is responsible for some of the most recognizable site furniture, architectural surfaces and door hardware in the F+S catalog. He joined the Forms+Surfaces Design Studio in 2007 and holds a degree in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Design and Development Manager

Todd Rodgers acts as a liaison between Design and Engineering, ensuring that the products Forms+Surfaces develops are repeatable, ‘manufacturable’ and cost-effective while retaining the aesthetic. As the manager of the prototyping shop, Todd has put his fingerprint on every product line and helps designers bring their visions to life. Todd has a Masters Degree of Fine Arts from the University of Kansas, where he focused on Sculpture, Blacksmithing, and Jewelry Design. A craftsman adept at blending form and function, Todd’s attention to detail is part of what sets our products apart.

Senior Designer

Pierre Archambault leverages the relationship between design and manufacturing to expand the possibilities of our product lines. A hands-on approach to design is an essential component of his daily practice. Pierre has over 20 years of product design experience and degrees in both Interior Design from the University of Manitoba and Industrial Design from Carleton University in Ottawa. This pairing across disciplines gives him a unique understanding of the required functional and aesthetic performance of elements that interact within physical spaces.

Architectural Surfaces Designer

Brigid Rau takes her inspiration from ecosystems and natural history and has a passion for translating historical patterns, textures, and processes into contemporary designs. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design's Textile program, Brigid has an appreciation for challenging repeat designs and working methods that shift between handcrafting and digital design. Brigid develops new patterns for our varied lines of surfaces while expanding our library of macro photography options.

Product Designer

Lucas Martin works closely with the rest of the F+S design team to conceptualize and design innovative site furniture and outdoor lighting. Through iterative sketches and prototypes, he creates pieces that are elegant in both form and construction. Luke holds a degree in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University with a focus on Furniture Design.

Product Designer

Leah Lynn draws inspiration from the textural world around us to create unique site furniture and lighting. Leah has an innate passion for creative processes, paying close attention to concept and detail to create distinct products, while still maintaining the F+S aesthetic. Graduating from The Ohio State University with degrees in both Industrial Design and Fine Arts, she believes the unity of functionality and form in design are elemental to creating a successful product.

Junior Architectural Surfaces Designer

Dakota Tracht was introduced to design at a young age while spending time at her family’s knitwear factory in La Paz, Bolivia. She developed a deep appreciation for making and the relationship between hand processes and machine-made products. While obtaining her MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design, Dakota focused on blending traditional textile techniques with state-of-the-art knitwear technology. Dakota dreams up new techniques and patterns to add to our surfaces portfolio and contributes her love of imagery to the Zoom Digital Darkroom library.

Junior Product Designer

Sarah Crist is a creative problem solver with a passion for making sustainable, quality products for a range of user experiences. Harnessing Forms+Surfaces’ interdisciplinary manufacturing capabilities, she looks for ways to incorporate new materials, surfaces and processes into our site designs. Sarah is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Industrial Design.

Product Design Engineer

Mary Heyne works with the Forms+Surfaces Design Team to develop new products from the initial concept phases through to the final product. With both engineering and design concepts in mind, she looks for creative solutions to preserve the F+S aesthetic while maintaining manufacturability and ease of assembly. Mary is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Theatre Arts and has a background in sustainable transportation. 

Design Engineer

Kevin Smyth works alongside our Design team to test and improve the efficiencies of new and existing F+S products. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh’s Mechanical Engineering program, he puts his knowledge into action by identifying production challenges and implementing solutions to optimize manufacturing processes.


Pride in craftsmanship and attention to detail are two key values that Cole Ritter puts into daily practice in his role as Prototyper. Working closely with the Design & Development team, Cole researches, tests and helps develop new products for Forms+Surfaces, as well as creating new prototypes used by our Marketing Department. Cole comes to us with a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Syracuse University, where he also taught Fine Arts for several years before putting his talents to work for us.


David collaborates with F+S engineers and designers to bring their creative endeavors to fruition. His experimental approach to problem-solving enables him to achieve results that balance user-centered products with streamlined production processes. David has a multidisciplinary background in manufacturing and enjoys working across a broad range of F+S product lines and designs. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Slippery Rock University with a concentration in metalsmithing.

Senior Prototyper

Donny Galiano supports the D+D group by combining his computer skills and hand fabrication expertise to create prototypes that explore challenges, ideas and opportunities within the product development process. Coming from a varied background, his experience spans consumer product prototyping, jewelry design and computer modeling.