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Our Surfaces are the basis for unlimited creative expression. Offering a robust visual vocabulary for walls, columns, elevator interiors and more, they’re as diverse as the applications for which they’re used and can be tailored to the needs of today's public spaces.


Our Systems unite beauty, durability and environmental responsibility. They’re engineered to invite creativity, yet satisfy real-world budgets and time lines. They can be used to carry design themes across a property, and cost-efficiently perform in any environment.

Design Tools

Forms+Surfaces is a truly comprehensive resource. In addition to our extensive line-up of Surfaces, and the Systems we’ve designed to accommodate them, our Design Tools make it even easier for you to work with our products and bring your creative vision to life.

VEKTR Digital Canvas

The VEKTR Digital Canvas allows you to use your own images - virtually any digital image or photo - to create highly customized VEKTR glass designs of any size or scale.

Elevator Design Studio

The Elevator Design Studio lets you select your elevator interior configuration, apply materials and finishes, complete the package with trim pieces and ceilings, and request budget pricing.

Augmented Reality

Our Augmented Reality app puts visualization within reach of your mobile device with dynamic 3D models of some of our most popular products. 

Zoom Digital Darkroom

The Zoom Digital Darkroom and Zoom Images make it easier than ever to transform public spaces with stunning high-resolution photography of nature and the world around us.


Indoors or out, F+S products are designed to perform in the real world. Our Project Portfolio highlights some of the many public spaces in which you’ll find us: airports, city centers, corporate campuses, universities, healthcare facilities, restaurants, hotels and more.