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Light Column Bollards: Now with Programmable RGBW Color

This colorful update increases the versatility of our Light Column Bollard line by bringing programmable RGBW color to the mix.

The introduction of programmable color offers exciting design possibilities, including the flexibility to customize, change, and animate colors, switch between color and dynamic “day-to-day” white, control multiple daisy-chained fixtures simultaneously, and use multicolored illumination to align with site-specific projects and activities.

Light Column RGBW Bollards go beyond single-color solutions by giving you a way to create a broad spectrum of colors and color combinations to meet diverse and changing lighting needs. They also give facilities a way to offer more with their hosting initiatives: corporate sponsorships, sporting events, awareness campaigns, and seasonal shifts highlighted with associated RGBW colors are just some of the many possibilities.


In addition, dynamic white lighting technology allows the white color temperature of individual RGBW bollards to be controlled and changed from warm to neutral to cool to anywhere in between. The white color temperature can be fixed. Or it can be programmed to vary over the course of a day or other periods of time to supply the right amount of light, with the desired white color temperature, when and where needed.


Light distribution patterns can be tailored as well. The full range of directional shields available for Light Column Bollards is also available for RGBW fixtures. Options include perforated shields with 180° or 360° coverage, four standard perforation patterns, and custom perforation patterns using customer-supplied artwork.


Light Column RGBW Bollards feature an onboard decoder and programmable DMX512 protocol along with high-performance Cree® RGBW LED chips for virtually unlimited color options. Individual bollards are connected via a daisy-chained hard-wired control signal in and out of each bollard.


The decoder and DMX512 onboard protocol interpret an external controller’s signals to activate the illumination of the bollard(s)—as dictated by the controller’s programming. Programming provides the ability to customize, change and animate colors; choreograph the timing of the animation; control multiple fixtures simultaneously; and change color schemes as changing needs dictate. One important note for Light Column RGBW Bollards: the controller, and all programming, are supplied by others, not by F+S.


Decorative by nature, Light Column RGBW Bollards are more than a colorful addition to a space. Like the rest of the Light Column line, they’re built to last. Durable stainless steel construction, non-yellowing acrylic lenses, and high performance Cree® LEDs ensure minimal maintenance, long-term performance, and enduring good looks.


Light Column Bollards readily integrate with a wide range of settings and architectural styles. Their sleek stainless profile is at home in many environments. Their timeless aesthetics weather shifting design trends with ease. Optional powdercoat finishes can be used to meet design, branding and wayfinding themes. And now, the RGBW variation means fixtures can be programmed again and again to color whatever the present—and future—hold.


Finally, if you’re seeking more than just a bollard solution, the Light Column Family also includes Light Column Bollards in non-illuminated and security core variations, Light Column Pathway Bollards, and Light Column Pedestrian Lighting.


To explore the illuminating possibilities, visit the Light Column Bollard product page on our website.

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