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Materials Matter – On Earth Day & Every Day

Aimed at protecting the globe we call home, environmental responsibility has long been part of our core business ethic, and the materials we use in our products play a leading role in our story. 
Early on, we recognized that one of the most environmentally responsible things we could do was to create products that last – products that require minimal (and non-toxic) maintenance, eliminate the need for frequent replacement, and look great forever. Products you can feel good about specifying.
When it comes to materials, high recycled content and recyclability, low- and no-VOC finishes, and long product life cycle are designed in from the start. Among the materials you’ll find in our line:
Stainless Steel: Across F+S product lines, stainless steel is one of our primary materials. Aesthetically, it speaks for itself: it’s a crisp modern option with endless design applicability. Functionally, you can rely on it for its superior longevity and performance, corrosion resistance, durability, and easy maintainability. For almost all of our Outdoor Products, at no additional cost to you, we use stainless in place of carbon steel to ensure a quality end result.
Aluminum: Another primary F+S material. Noteworthy benefits include its corrosion-resistance (an advantage for Outdoor Products), exceptional durability, and easy maintenance.
FSC 100% and FSC Recycled Hardwoods: As a key component in many of our Outdoor Products, our hardwoods story is one we feel is important to tell, especially in light of the fact that we use tropical hardwoods – a choice often cited for irresponsible harvesting. 
At F+S, we make every effort to ensure that the woods we use are a sustainable, environmentally responsible choice. 
We use only FSC 100% and FSC Recycled wood for all of our outdoor wood products at no additional cost to you; not because it’s the easy thing to do, but because it’s the right thing.
The FSC 100% rating means that the wood is harvested from forests that are legally run, environmentally sustainable, have a long-term management plan, and are socially responsible to their local villages and communities.
Our FSC Recycled woods eliminate the need to cut down new trees and allow us to provide strong, gorgeous, time-tested hardwoods. Included within this group: reclaimed Teak salvaged from demolished buildings; reclaimed Cumaru, repurposed from ongoing renovations to the Atlantic City Boardwalk; and reclaimed Azobé (Red Ironwood), repurposed from the South Street Seaport in New York. 
In addition to eco-smart materials and some of the most durable products on the market, we have a diverse range of innovative solutions to help you meet your sustainability goals.
Our website is a wealth of information. You’ll find product- and material-specific details, including Environmental Data sheets for almost all of our products, on our individual product pages. For a broader perspective on what we’re doing to manage our impact on the environment, visit the Environmental Sustainability section. 
If you still have questions, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to call our sustainability team at 800.451.0410 or email
To learn more about FSC and their certification programs, visit
Aluminum Texture powdercoated frames and clear anodized aluminum slats
Azure Texture powdercoated cast aluminum
FSC® Recycled reclaimed Teak
FSC® 100% Jatoba hardwood
FSC® Recycled reclaimed Cumaru hardwood
Stainless Steel with Satin finish and Scape perforation accent panel
Stainless steel and LED lamps
Black Texture powdercoated frame and FSC® 100% Ipé hardwood slats