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Materials Matter—Making Products Transparent

We offer environmental data for nearly all of our products to help you make informed choices when selecting materials for your projects.

Harnessing knowledge about the impact of materials is integral to achieving sustainability goals. At Forms+Surfaces, high-quality materials are the foundation of our designs and play a large part in our products' overall environmental impact. We believe that using materials that will stand the test of time, both functionally and aesthetically, is the most sustainable choice you can make. We also believe in supporting our material choices with detailed information about our sustainability practices.

Product Environmental Impact

As global green building certification standards have evolved and our product lines have expanded, the data collection and reporting systems required to efficiently and accurately provide environmental impact data to our clients have become increasingly sophisticated. Many of our products are configurable and offer dozens of size, material and finish options—each combination yielding a different set of data.

To efficiently and accurately report data for our products, we created a database-driven system that links to our engineering and resource management information and tracks each material, component, process and vendor independently. The environmental data is then “compiled” for the exact finished product.

Detailed Product Environmental Data Sheets are available for nearly all of our products and are located on the individual product pages of our website for easy viewing or download. There you will also find Health Product Declarations (HPD) for many F+S products.

Environmental Databases

In addition to offering detailed data sheets, we host our material information on several environmental databases including mindful MATERIALS and the Canadian Material Data Drive. To date, F+S has provided information for all Surfaces, and additional products will be added in the future. 

If you don't see the environmental data for the product you're interested in, or if you have additional questions, feel free to contact our sustainability team at 800.451.0410 or