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The Ultimate Environmental Story: Reclaimed Teak

Forms+Surfaces’ is committed to using high performance green materials that are designed to last. To that end, we ensure that all of the hardwood we use in our outdoor site furniture is FSC 100%, which means that 100% of the wood we use is responsibly sourced from FSC certified forests.

And now, our reclaimed Teak hardwood takes that environmental commitment a step further. Reclaimed Teak hardwood is carefully recovered from old and neglected buildings being demolished in India. By using this Teak, we avoid cutting down any new trees and can still provide a strong, gorgeous hardwood that is proven to withstand the test of time.

In fact, the buildings from which the Teak is recovered are typically 70-90 years old, and the Teak itself is 300+ years old from seed. The timber is all hand-salvaged and varies in color from a golden honey to a warm mocha.

Highly durable and water resistant, reclaimed Teak’s unique character is enhanced by its distinct grain variations, occasional patches and knotty appearance.

The new Circuit Bench is our first product utilizing reclaimed Teak hardwood, but we’re also beginning to offer it in our existing line of products, starting with the popular Knight Bench.

Additionally, we’ve developed a new resource to guide our customers through the hardwoods used in our site furniture. The Hardwood Data Sheet can be found on our website under each product that contains hardwood. Along with a description explaining the difference between FSC Pure hardwood and other FSC labels, the document contains images and descriptions about all of the different hardwoods we feature.

We’re excited to offer reclaimed Teak to help meet your sustainability goals while also providing the exceptional durability and beauty your projects require. If you have questions or would like to know more, contact us.