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Forms+Surfaces Design Studio

Project Overview

When our California offices moved recently we found ourselves faced with an exciting task: the design and build-out of a new home for our Design Studio and west coast sales support teams.

We started with a blank slate: a warehouse that had once been a lemon packing plant. Its location was ideal—just blocks from the beach—but it came with a challenge: a lack of windows to let in the California sun.

In defining a layout that would balance private and collaborative work areas and let in as much light as possible, we chose the most prominent feature in the space—the partition walls and doors—to achieve both and serve as a showcase for our VividGlass.

ViviStrata glass partition walls pair 100% clear areas with progressive transparency blocking zones that incorporate a customized 4-layer Surge pattern that has etching on both glass lites and two graphic interlayers, one in white, one with LumiLevel 3. The ViviStrata graphic runs the length of the 102-foot-long wall, with the continuous diagonal pattern registered 1/16” panel-to-panel.

Across the hall, ViviGraphix Graphica glass picks up the diagonal design with solid white for the blocking zones and 100% clear areas above.

The end results are stunning. To learn more, head to our News page.



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