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New F+S Showroom in Dubai Dazzles & Delights

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of our new Dubai showroom—located in the Dubai Design District, the city’s design capital and a major design hub in the region.

The new showroom is impressive at every turn.

F+S materials and finishes are showcased in beautiful displays throughout the space. Two LEVELe Elevator mock-ups with custom interiors, LEVELe Columns, and LightPlane Panels bring F+S Systems into the mix.

F+S Outdoor Products are featured as well and include Vaya Tables and Chairs, Vector Benches, and multiple bollards, bike racks, litter receptacles, and planters.

The showroom is designed as an interactive Customer Experience Center.

Architects and designers can visit, get up close and personal with F+S products, and learn about our full range of design, engineering, manufacturing and project management capabilities. There’s a lot to see and discover.

To announce the showroom opening, we recently celebrated with a multi-day event that included our internal teams as well as the local design community. 

F+S associates from the Middle East, India, UK, USA and Asia came together for the occasion and to connect over several days of meetings, team-building sessions and presentations, and to review the successful completion and installation of many new large F+S projects in the region.

To bring the community into the celebration, we hosted a festive evening to which we invited the city’s leading architects and designers.

The showroom was transformed for the eveing into a lively gathering space, complete with a bar and colorful buffet.

Guests had a chance to mingle with colleagues and meet the F+S team while enjoying a drink and a bite to eat.

They could leisurely learn about our products, get a hands-on feel for our materials and finishes, take pictures, and interact with everything F+S.

The evening provided ample opportunity for guided presentations as well as individual exploration.

There was time to share ideas and discuss upcoming projects.

And plenty of time for laughter and smiles.

All around, the evening and the showroom opening were a huge success.

As we look toward our future in the region, we see nothing but potential. We’re excited to work with the Dubai design community and discovering what we can do together.

From our perspective, the sky’s the limit!

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