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Tonyo Litter & Recycling Receptacles

Offering a beautifully modern solution for a wide range of settings and waste collection needs, Tonyo’s adaptable framework acts as a canvas for endless customization.

Tonyo Receptacles are available in 30-, 36- and 60-gallon capacities, each with configurable options that include bodies and doors in a choice of materials, single- and split-stream variations, rain hats, and instructional waste stream graphics. Opportunities for color-blocking and incorporating custom branding and graphics expand the line’s visual and messaging reach.


Tonyo’s impressive customization potential is the result of the multiple configurable elements that make up each finished design. Specifics vary per receptacle size and configuration and generally encompass several key arenas.  

Door & Body Materials: All three receptacle sizes can be specified with bodies and doors in a choice of powdercoated stainless steel or FSC® 100% Cumaru hardwood slats.


The choice of door and body materials makes it easy to achieve different end results and suit different design themes and environments.


Rain Hats: Available for all Tonyo Receptacles, rain hats are standard for 30-gallon receptacles and optional for 36- and 60-gallon models.


Materials & Colors: Receptacle bodies and doors in powdercoated stainless steel or FSC 100% Cumaru hardwood slats serve as primary visual elements. Complementing these, the line’s thoughtful details offer numerous ways to customize the appearance of each design.


Lids, bases, sidebars, and rain hats in a full range of powdercoat colors can be specified to match or contrast with receptacle bodies and doors to achieve a monochromatic look or create unique color-blocking effects.


Waste Stream Graphics: Optional for all Tonyo Litter & Recycling Receptacles, graphic packages offer yet another way to tailor individual receptacles to site-specific needs.


Options vary per receptacle configuration and generally consist of multiple interrelated elements that indicate the use for each opening.


Waste stream graphics accommodate multiple waste streams and include a variety of standard symbols, messages, and color options.


Keeping with Tonyo’s clean aesthetic, graphics are designed to be both elegant and informational, and placement is optimized per receptacle size, material, and configuration.


Custom Graphics: Powdercoated stainless steel bodies and doors offer further customization by serving as a backdrop for custom branding and graphics—an especially fitting choice for municipalities, universities, and other sites seeking property-aligned personalization. Options include laser-cut designs with stainless steel backers, and/or vinyl graphics.


Tonyo offers remarkable flexibility.

Whether you choose the pole-mounted 30-gallon Tonyo that allows for easy maintenance of surrounding paths and walkways. Or specify the 60-gallon, split-stream model as a cost- and space-efficient design sized for urban environments and high-traffic public spaces. Or incorporate all three Tonyo sizes across a property. The equation remains the same: Abundant options. Streamlined aesthetics. Robust, low-maintenance materials. Exceptional real-world performance.


Add it up, and you get Tonyo: a highly adaptable solution for today’s waste collection needs.


To explore more about how Tonyo can integrate into your next project, visit the Tonyo product page.

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